Genital Aesthetics Turkey

    Genital aesthetic Turkey surgeries are the operations that treats postpartum or congenital deformities in the vagina-vulva region of women. Women’s dissatisfaction with their genital appearance may have profound implications for their sexual experience such as shame, shyness and low sexual self-esteem. Several methods can be used to eliminate genital cosmetic disorders that can often cause social problems and to help the patients have the desired appearance. Extensive communication tools and wide information network among people increased the awareness of women on this issue, and this has resulted in a growing demand for cosmetic genital procedures. An increasing number of women of all ages have started to seek medical help to address their problems.

    We can list the surgeries performed in this area as follows:

    • Vaginoplasty/Vaginal tightening (urinary bladder problems can also be corrected)
    • Labioplasty: Aesthetics of the inner and outer lips in the genital area
    • Clitoroplasty
    • Hymen repair (Hymenoplasty)
    • Labia majora augmentation/reduction
    • Other non-surgical procedures: genital area bleaching, vagina tightening with laser and incontinence treatments.

    The goal of the above mentioned genital cosmetic procedures is to increase the sexual self-esteem of the woman, to correct the deformations that develop over time due to age and/or childbirths, to increase the sexual pleasure and to achieve orgasm.

    Some common genital cosmetic procedures include:

    Vaginoplasty, Vaginal Tightening

    Tightening of the vagina, perineum and supporting muscles with special surgical methods is called vaginoplasty.

    After vaginal (normal) birth, there is an enlargement in the vagina especially in difficult births and births that require intervention due to multiple pregnancy and large babies. Loosening and tearing occurs in the muscles that support the vagina (pelvic floor muscles) and tissues, which is not reversible without intervention. Loss of sensation during intercourse, presence of undesired noise (queefing) from the vagina during or after sex may occur. These complaints can be completely eliminated with appropriate surgical methods.

    Candidates for Vaginoplasty

    Many women have vaginoplasty for their sexual life and sexual performance after childbearing period. A marked improvement in quality of sexual life is observed after vaginoplasty.

    Vaginoplasty Procedure and Healing

    In vaginoplasty, the vagina muscles are tightened and excess mucosa skin from the vagina is removed. As a result, a tightening in the vagina occurs which revives sensation during sexual intercourse.

    Labiaplasty Turkey

    The inner lips, located inside the outer lips, are congenitally very long and saggy in some women. With the effect of gravity, and sometimes during chilbirth, it may stretch and tear causing an undesired appearance over time. The problem however, is not limited to appearance. It causes problems during sexual intercourse and also skin irritation due to rubbing by underwear or tight clothing. The sagging inner lips are properly reduced and stiched with absorbable suture materials.


    The folded skin piece on the clitoris may be wider than normal and saggy. This can lead to both an undesired image and sexual arousal problem. This problem is resolved with a short operative procedure.

    Hymen Repair (Hymenoplasty)

    Functionally, hymen is the skin fold that prevents germs from entering the vagina during the adolescence, a period when there is no hormonal protection, while it has become a symbol of virginity in some cultures. The opening in the middle of hymen can be wide and elastic enough to allow intercourse. It allows vaginal secretions and menstrual blood to flow out. Hymen that has been torn by the previous intercourse or that is innately elastic can be reconstructed as much as possible so it bleeds during the sexual intercourse.

    All these operative procedures can be easily performed with local anesthesia in some, but spinal or general anesthesia is used in most. Compared to other surgeries, the risks are almost nil. The patient generally feels comfortable and recovery occurs in a short time after surgery. When materials that do not require stitching are used, the patient’s self-dressing is sufficient.

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